Felt service for the Wobbel XL

€50,00 Inkl. MwSt.
Verfügbarkeit: Auf Lager


Have a Wobbel XL and you would like to add felt to it?
Did you buy an upainted Wobbel XL and you finished your artwork and you want to add fet to it?
The solution: The Wobbel felt service!

You send the Wobbel XL to us and we will professionally attach it to the Wobbel XL and ship it back to you. You pay the felt and the postage for returning the Wobbel XL to you.

Custom felt colours and cork are not available for the Wobbel XL

Please made sure the Wobbel XL is packed carefully. 
It would be a shame if it becomes damaged during trasnport. 
Wobbel is not liable for damage during transportation.

Did you buy an unpainted Wobbel XL and painted it yourself?
Wobbel is not responsible for the adhesive bond between the felt and your edited Wobbel.
If you have followed directions well, the felt will sit nicely, but we can not guarantee the connection between your own finish and felt.

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