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About us

Hannelore en Wouter 


I get my inspiration in life from everything that gives energy.
I doesn’t matter if it fits or can be done. If it works, it works.
And whatever the question may be, love is always the answer.

My roots are in the communication business.
I make connections and do my work from the heart.
Authenticity, passion, different and humor. A lot of humor.
When I saw our board for the first time, I sensed that this intriguing curve had a lot going for it. After our first home made Wobbel entered our home, and I saw what it did to our children it was completely clear:
The Wobbel is the inspiring opposite in times of screens and preprogrammed toys. The Wobbels tempts mind, body and soul.

With pleasure and pride we offer the Wobbel, and we are far from done. It has so much potential and endless possibilities.
Truly: It’s not just a curve.


To be continued,
Hannelore Blaauw



I’m an engineer, consultant and project manager in my daily life, but most of all I’m an illustrator, designer, artist and generally creative.
There are so many fun things to do, so I’m always busy.
In the development of the Wobbel all things I learned in the past came together, and became useful. When Hannelore and I started this project it soon was clear we supplement each other in experience and talent.

The best thing was when I presented the first prototype to my daughter of 5. No explanation, no hints, no directions. Within ten minutes she invented twenty new ways to play with it, making a lounge chair of it with a blanket still is favorite.

Everybody who sees or plays with the Wobbel is enthusiastic!

We now work with a professional factory, using only the best natural materials, to combine them to a product of the best possible quality. And like Hannelore says: We are far from done. Dozens of new plans are brewing in the Wobbel Lab.

Nothing short of: The wooden toy that moves young and old.

I’m looking forward to it,

Wouter Haine