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Wobbel cards

We invite everyone, whether big or small, to play and move together on the Wobbel!
You can choose a different sets of cards each week to inspire you.
For example, four that are the same colour, or one of each colour.
ind a beautiful spot in your home to display them. Or play a game!

The Wobbel cards can be downloaded below.
There are 4 sets of cards, a manual and an extra memory game.
That’s a total of 6 downloads.

Print them on nice, thick card and cut them out.
Have fun!


Set 1
Set 2
Set 3
Set 4

The copyright of these cards lies with Wobbel BV. The idea, design and texts may not be copied. 

These cards are not intended for sale.

Always use the cards and the Wobbel board under parental guidance. See bother the manual of the cards and the Wobbel for further instructions.