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Wobbel Up and Sup

Wobbel Up

The Wobbel Up playfully stimulates a natural and active sitting position.
The dynamic feature reduces physical complaints and promotes a healthy posture. This applies to (young) children as well as adults and the elderly. Ideal for sedentary work, at home, at school or in the office.
In addition, just like our trusted Wobbel, the Wobbel Up is open ended in terms of play. For example, you can lie in it, use it as a 'Wobbling' rocking horse, wobbel back and forth with perhaps some toys inside? The possibilities are endless.
The Wobbel Up is already suitable from 3+.

Wobbel Sup

The Wobbel Sup is Wobbel's new balance ergo board. The Sup brings a new dimension to a standing working and learning desk. It stimulates a natural and active posture.

The constant small Wobbel movements strengthen both your muscles and your concentration span. The dynamic posture reduces physical complaints, relieves tension and promotes a healthy posture.

You can use the Sup everywhere, at your regular workplace at the office, at school, at home, or perhaps at a trade fair or other place where you have to stand a lot. Take care: Our Wobbel Sup is not a toy and is an invitation to move for older children and adults.

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