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Up for a challenge? Want to play a game? Looking for endless fun?

Introducing Wobbel Candy!

The open-ended wooden toys that are the perfect recipe for games, rolling, tricks, spinning, challenges, sliding, wobbling, balance, building, bouncing and much more.

There are at the moment four 'recipes' in the Wobbel Candy store:
Macarons, Big Macarons, Drops and Cookies

They're all great fun and easy to learn, but hard to master.
Make up your own games, challenge a friend or master a trick!
Which one is your favorite?

More eye candy at wobbelcandy.com or #wobbelcandy

Dutch design, made in Germany. CE/ASTM/AUS certified.
Sustainable PEFC-certified maple and beech wood.
Beautiful unique cardboard storage tin.

They look tasty, but they're not for eating. But they are food for play!

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