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Milk Magazine Award


Milk Magazine has granted Wobbel the product of the fair Playtime Paris 2018 in the ‘home’ category for spring-summer 2019. They surprised and overwhelmed us. Our first award. And what an award it is! 

Their 'verdict':

Already validated by the early adopters of the Netherlands, Germany or Canada, the Wobbel board of the Dutch brand Wobbel makes its arrival on the French market through Playtime Paris. It was enough for the parents among our editors for this multifunction object with a unique and commendable goal: to develop motor skills and the balance of small ... and big. Inspired by the Waldorf pedagogy, this "balance board" is as aesthetic as it is pedagogical. We validate and we wish them the success they deserve for its arrival in France.

More at: http://www.milkmagazine.net/playtime-paris-ete-2019-palmares-des-milk-awards/ 


Playtime Paris été 2019 : Palmarès des MilK Awards

Mélanie Hoepffner and Hélène Lahalle (MilK Magazine), the brand's co-founder, Hannelore Blaauw, Sébastien de Hutten (Playtime) and the brand's advisor, Erwin Blaauw

Thank you @milk_magazine thank you @iloveplaytime